January 31, 2017

What's happening at HTP winter 2017

So much news to pass on but the first and obvious thing is our new website which you are likely to have already seen to find this blog.  We hope you not only like the new design but enjoy all the new features that we have added to it.

Along with the new website, we have also implemented a new reservation system for the campground.  If you have called us you probably are aware of that…and the learning curve which we have been on.  One of the exciting aspects for our guests is that you will be able to see the availability of specific sites for specific dates.  Remember this is a request and while we will do what we can to keep the requested site for you, but circumstances arise that may require us to shift the reservation and we would notify you of that should it be necessary.

I’ll keep even more news for the next post when we have things more into place but looking forward to keeping everyone informed and engaged in the campground happenings this spring.