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March 29, 2020

Holiday Trav-l-Park 2020 Events Sheet..revised

August 21, 2020  -   In light of Coronavirus and COVID19 impacts, we have put together a revised 2020 event sheet which can be found here - our 2020 Events Sheet .  As days and weeks pass, we will adjust this according to what is possible and responsible.  For the time being, we are working to find physically distant ideas for Easter and leaving May events in place but as we have all come to know, life and routine can change in a few days.  Keep checking back and we will work to update as the coming weeks pass.

To give you something to look forward to, lets look forward to later in the year - summer and fall - when I hope we will be able to have fun gatherings and events.  Until then, stay safe, keep sane and wash your hands.