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March 21, 2020

March 21 2020 Camping and COVID-19


March 21, 2020 Camping and COVID-19

Thanks for considering camping with us and we want everyone to enjoy their camping experience while taking precautions to avoid spreading COVID-19.  For more details on the virus, you will find the most current information on so it is best to get information directly from the CDC as things change daily.  If you are thinking of camping, this is how we are currently operating while trying to maintain social distancing and reducing the spread of COVID-19.  There is sufficient distance between campsites for your family to maintain distance between yourselves and persons with whom you are not normally in close physical contact with.  Please take the time to read through below how we are currently operating and working to reduce the risk to staff and guests.  Please remember that operations are being assessed on a daily basis and so much has already changed within the course of a week.  Check here or contact the office for more current information as the days pass.

Rather than walking into the Registration Office, we ask that you call to conduct most transactions or ask questions (757-425-0249).  Over the telephone we can make reservations, complete any payments required and follow through with check-ins without the need for you to enter the office.  You will see that if you have paid for your reservation in full, you will receive your car pass in advance via e-mail.  You can print this for yourself, proceed directly to your campsite and then call us in the Registration Office to let us know that you have arrived.  If you do not have your car pass, we can prepare and bring one to you.

To camp more safely, we ask that at all times you remember to maintain social distancing of at least 6’ between you and your neighbors or others that you are interacting with.  Restrict any gatherings to 10 or less and just with those with whom you are normally in close contact with.  The goal of this is to reduce the speed at which the virus is spreading and hopefully minimize the impact and leave medical resources to those that are most vulnerable.  For this reason, we have closed our playgrounds and will not have any organized activities for the time being.  If you have any ideas on socially distant activities, please let us know. 

Our heated swimming pool currently is open but we still ask that you and your children maintain social distancing between yourselves and others that you are not normally in close contact with.   Be considerate when entering and exiting the dome to minimize and avoid contact with others.  Inside the dome, please work with children to maintain social distancing and if sitting please be considerate of others to maintain the space between.  Likewise, we are allowing guests to play miniature golf but again ask for the consideration of all to maintain proper social distance.

The bathrooms which are currently open are Comfort Station 1 near the front store and Comfort Station 2 a short distance north of the office near sites 158-160.  We are working to pass through each bathroom space on an hourly basis during daytime hours to clean and/or sanitize.  For your protection, wash your hands upon arriving and after touching common surfaces.  In fact, just remember to wash your hands frequently throughout the day and after touching any surface.  Then wash your hands again!

We are taking these efforts to reduce the risk to you our guests as well as our employees.  We hope for all to remain healthy and to avoid any quarantine situations that may cause our business to close.