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cdc keep calm and wash your hands

March 24, 2020

Update regarding Campgrounds are Essential Businesses

With the most recent announcements from Gov. Northam regarding closures, we have been informed that campgrounds may continue to operate and are considered essential businesses.


From the Governor's Office on 3/23/2020:

“Lodging/hotels/campgrounds are able to continue operations, although the restaurants w/i the hotels will need to switch to pick up or room service only."
We continue to operate and are open, but require all guests to maintain physical distances (6' or more) between themselves and those with whom they are not normally in physical contact or close proximity.  Until the restrictions ease, our playgrounds and swimming pool will remain closed.  We will keep a limited amount of bathrooms open to allow more frequent cleaning and sanitizing.  If you are on a site with sewer connection, we ask that you use your facilities in your camping unit to reduce the exposure that comes from using a shared bathroom space.
We have posted in a previous blog how we are also working to reduce the traffic in the registration office.  We ask that you call us by telephone rather than entering the office for all transactions.  For the most transactions, we can deal with them over the telephone.  For arriving reservations, we ask that you take care of payments in full 2 days or more prior to arrival so that you can take advantage of the system generated car pass which can be sent with reminder email.  It will only be sent to those guests with reservations that are fully paid.  On arrival, you can proceed directly to your site then call to let us know that you have arrived.  For those with balances due, we ask that you call us when you arrive - we can take care of payments with your credit or debit card, confirm the site number for you  then deliver your car pass to you at your site.
We ask that everyone respect the governor's orders and our request to maintain a minimum 6' physical distance when interacting with our employees or other guests.  We are a tight-knit operation and one person's exposure would impact every employee and some guests in our business.  We are doing what we can to minimize exposure and operate as long as we can through this situation. 
Keep calm and wash your hands.