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March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020 Update regarding Cancellations in this time of COVID19

March 27 2020         Handling Cancellations in this time of COVID-19


Like all of you, our normal lives and routine have all been upended in these past two weeks, in the whirlwind that is life in the midst of COVID-19.  As a business that continues to operate, we have incorporated new Registration Office procedures such as: minimizing the numbers of persons that enter our office with telephone check-ins and check-outs; payments of final balances by telephone with credit card; the ability to print your own car pass when payment has been made in full 48 hours or more prior to arrival so that you can proceed directly to your campsite...and more.  This is all being done in an effort to minimize the speed at which the virus has been spreading and minimize the physical interactions between guests and staff - and we hope that it has been helpful.  The safety of both our guests and staff while we still operate is what we need all involved to keep in mind while at our campground. 


There is a “however” – these new procedures mean that much of our Registration Office operations have moved to our office telephones and computer communications.  We currently are operating our office with reduced staff due to some staff members choosing properly to self-isolate themselves during this time.  Also understand that when we are busy on the telephones, we have reduced time to address the emails that are sent to us. 


In an effort to reduce the volume of calls and e-mails that we are handling, we ask that any guests with reservations more than 1 month out that wish to cancel please delay their calls until we are closer to their date of arrival and within 1 month of that date.   For example, if your reservation is for July 25, please contact us after June 25 should you need to cancel your reservation.


Everything has changed so much within the past 2 weeks that it is hard to predict where things will be in 1 months time.   Please just be patient and contact us during that window not more than 2 months prior to your reservation arrival.  This will give our office staff the ability to deal with the guests who have more immediate reservations.


Thanks for your understanding of this policy.  Remember, relax, stay calm – we will get through this.   And wash your hands!