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May 16, 2020

May 17 update regarding camping during the time of COVID-19

We are now open for short term stays but please do not interpret this to mean that we are now back to normal operations.  This is an incremental change that allows guests to come in for short stays but there are many things that all guests need to be aware of when camping for the time being.   Our industry has been closed by the Governor for 7 weeks as he did not believe that campers would respect the rules and regulations that are required in these times.  Through many letters to our legislators and his office, hours of lobbyists' working for our association, the Governor has allowed us to reopen for short term stays and we need you to make sure that he has no reason to reconsider the decision.  Your adherence to the guidelines below not only impacts our campground operations but every campground in the state.


All of our lives have changed and it should be no surprise that camping rules and etiquette have also changed.  To follow Virginia Department of Health and the Governor’s guidelines we need each of our guests to understand and follow these to camp with us.  These are not requests but mandatory terms for you to agree to when you are camping.  Your presence in our campground indicates that you have agreed to abide by these terms.  


  • If you currently have a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or if you have known exposure in the prior 14 days to someone diagnosed with COVID-19, you are not permitted to enter the campground
  • All guests must maintain proper physical distancing of 6’ (2m) apart from persons they are not currently and normally in close physical contact.
  • You should not gather in general and at all times no gatherings of more than 10 persons is permitted.
  • The campground is only open for registered campers and no visitors are permitted to enter the property. Visitors will be turned away at our gate and told to contact you to meet outside of the campground.  If you have family in the area you are trying to visit with, then you need to make arrangements to do this off of the campground.  We are not permitting guest campers to register to your site for one night only.  They need to be registered for the duration of your stay.
  • We encourage you to wear face coverings over your nose and mouth.


What to Expect at the Campground:

 Here is a list of the services and amenities that are currently OPEN:

  • The Registration Office is taking phone calls from 8am through 7pm. Please call rather than enter the office to help reduce potential exposure to any virus between guests and employees.
  • Our parking lot on the corner of 9th/Norfolk Ave and Pacific is open for you to park your passenger vehicle and enjoy exercising at the oceanfront.
  • Holiday Food Mart (757-491-2550) is operating from 7am until 8pm. The kitchen is open for take-out lunches and the convenience store may have what you are looking for without leaving the property.
  • The Campground Store is open for limited hours and for 10 persons at a time. Please respect these limitations. It is preferred for all to wear face coverings to protect both staff and guests.  If you wish to contact them to see if they have a particular item in stock, they can be reached at 757-425-0018.
  • Our laundry facility remains open from 9am to 10:30pm – please respect the 10 persons limit when using the facility and be respectful of those around by maintaining the 6’ separation and wearing a face covering especially if conversing.

Here is the unfortunately larger list of the Campground Services and Amenities that are currently CLOSED:

  • Our playgrounds, pools, pavilion, gazebos and any areas that may encourage gatherings are closed.
  • The Café is closed until further notice.
  • We are not renting any sports equipment other than bicycles.  Our basketball and volleyball courts are closed
  • We will have some of our bathroom facilities open for our cabin guests and those on water and electric sites. With the goal of reducing the number of persons using our common bathrooms, we ask that all guests that have sewer connections to use their own bathroom facilities in their RV.
  • To adhere to the no gathering requirements, there are no activities or any entertainment scheduled until restrictions ease and allow. Sorry – no bingo or music.

Beaches?:  As of today, the beach is only open for exercising and swimming.  The governor has indicated that on Monday, May 18 he will be making an announcement regarding when and how state beaches will reopen.