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June 23, 2020

Pools and Playgrounds to open in Phase 3, to start Wednesday July 1


Phase 3 and what it means for HTP:

  • Swimming pools may open for recreational use, but at 75% capacity
    • Maintain 6’ spacing when on pool decks.
    • We will be removing chairs from the deck, but you may bring and use your own folding chair for your personal use provided you maintain the 6’ distance from others. If the numbers of persons gathering become large and do not maintain distancing, we will restrict access to the pools and decks.
    • We recommend that you wear face coverings if you will be having conversation on the pool deck and in the pool…so enjoy swimming and splashing, restrict the conversations.
  • Playgrounds will be permitted to open.
    • We encourage all persons to wash hands prior to use, then again after use.
  • Social gatherings of up to 250 persons are permitted, or up to 50% of space occupancy
    • Still need to maintain the 6’ physical distance.
    • Bingo will take place at the pavilion with one family group per table- the tables are currently spaced 8’ apart.  Please do not shift the tables to spoil the required spacing.
  • All guests need to continue with the regular COVID etiquette while in the campground – such as maintaining physical distance of 6’, wearing masks in public spaces and indoors, washing hands or using sanitizer regularly.
  • Café will open when we can coordinate staffing and distancing.