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March 30, 2020

Update March 30 regarding Gov Northam's announcmeent of Stay-at-Home order

Update of March 30, 2020            Regarding today’s announcement from Virginia Governor Northam regarding Coronavirus restrictions. 

The governor has announced that the state of Virginia will enter into a Stay-at-Home order and we have been told this will be effective starting April 1 at 23:59.  The order asks that all persons restrict themselves from unnecessary travel and only travel for what is considered essential.  At this time, the order has an end date of June 10, 2020.  Effective April 2, we will no longer be able to accept short-term reservations or arrivals for guests that are staying short-term.  Short term has been defined as stays less than 14 nights.  We will remain open for those that are staying with us currently as well as those that will be coming in for 14 nights or greater.  We remain an option for persons that can stay the minimum of 14 nights such as: full-timers that reside in their RV; for emergency personnel that are camping in their unit and locating to this region; for essential business employees that need an alternative location to stay with their camping unit while conducting essential business.   The Stay at Home order means that travel is limited to those that are traveling for essential needs.

If you have reservations arriving in the next week that were for less than 14 nights, we will need to postpone these – we will cancel the reservations and leave the credit in place for a future use.  If you wish to alter the reservation to be in place for 14 nights, then please contact us and let us know.  Understand in advance that our phones lines will be exceedingly busy due to this announcement.  As the days allow, we will be contacting those with incoming reservations to work cancellation/transfer process. We are doing the best we can to keep up with this – sending an email to to work through your questions and concerns will be helpful.

Do your part and stay at home please unless you are traveling for essential reasons.

We will get through this – stay calm and we can get past the fearful aspects of the news more easily.