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June 03, 2020

Update regarding Phase 2 easing of restrictions beginning June 5, 2020

Phase 2 update for our guests:

On Tuesday, June 2, the governor announced that the state can move forward into Phase 2 of the reopening process beginning on Friday June 5.  As this was just announced, we will have little time to make major changes for this weekend but anticipate that some can be implemented for the weekend of June 12.

What that means for us at Holiday Trav-l-Park:

  • Gatherings up to 50 persons are now permitted
    • We will be determining if we can find a way to start Bingo for only 50 persons.
      • Must keep track of names of attendees and contact # should contact tracing be required after the fact.
    • Must still maintain 6’ distance between persons that are not normally in close contact.
    • While we don’t have sufficient time to do this for this weekend, we hope to organize this for the weekend of June 12.
  • Café can open for 50% occupancy and 6’ spacing when queuing to order.
    • We may be able to have sufficient staff to operate for limited hours beginning on the weekend of June 12
  • Pools will remain closed as recreational use is still not permitted.
  • Playgrounds must remain closed in this phase.
  • Basketball courts and volleyball courts may reopen for use by those that are already normally in close contact with one another.
  • Sports equipment can be rented with the equipment cleaned and disinfected between usage.
    • We will be able to rent basketballs and horseshoes beginning June 5
    • We expect to be able to set this up for miniature golf with a limited number of clubs available beginning June 5. As we get comfortable with this, we will be able to accommodate more.
  • It is strongly encouraged that customers wear face coverings.

Outside the campground:

  • While aquariums, zoos and museums may open, many will not be opening immediately. The aquarium currently is only indicating they will open after June 10.  It is best to call any facility to determine if it will be open for operation.
  • Restaurants are now permitted to open indoor dining for up to 50% occupancy, along with outdoor dining still at 50%...maintaining 6’ spacing. Bars are not permitted to open unless they can maintain the 6’ separation for service and seating at tables. 

Everything is adjusting with the release of these Phase 2 guidelines and it will take a period of days to get into the swing of what can be done.  Also, if all goes well, the anticipation is that we will move forward into Phase 3 in 2-3 weeks (mid to late June) …when we hope that pools and playgrounds may be permitted to open.