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Halloween Pumpkin bale of straw

September 30, 2020

Halloween Fest 2020

Camping has certainly been different this year during this time of Covid and Halloween will follow in that vein.  We can still have fun in socially distant and masked way so please check below for how we are planning to do some of the events.  Each week we will post the events schedule (follow this link to the schedule) but this will get you up to speed on some of the changes to prepare for.


Info for Guests on What to Expect and How to Plan for a Covid Halloween:

Halloween events will be taking place for the four weekends of October beginning Oct 9th.  In light of Covid, events have been modified and we wanted you to know in advance what we are planning so that you can prepare accordingly.  At all times, the simplest thing to remember is:

  • At all activities maintain a 6’ distance from those you are not normally in close contact with.
  • If you are unable to maintain that distance outdoors, then wear a cloth face covering (no, the Halloween character mask does not count as covid-aware face covering).
  • If you are indoors, wear a cloth face mask no matter the distance.
  • And wash your hands more frequently especially after touching common surfaces used by others.

With these in mind, we are able to do Bingo, Scare Bear, the Decorated Golf Cart Parade and other events with only slight modifications.  However, some of the Halloween events have changed to the point that we should let you know in advance are the following:

Flashlight Candy Hunt:  Friday night Foxfire Pavilion

  • To maintain distancing, we will only have 2 groups – ages 3-7 and 8-11 (sorry 12 and olders) – each group will start from a different side of FoxFire Pavilion. To participate, each child must have a flashlight, bag for candy and covid cloth mask.  There will be a maximum of approximately 75 participants in each group.
    • As participants arrive in the Pavilion Parking lot, they will be directed to the appropriate section for their age group to stand distanced from others and wait to participate in the candy hunt.
    • There will be markers for individuals or families to stand by in advance of the candy hunt, spaced to maintain distancing. Please respect the marker locations and the distancing from those you are not normally in contact with.
    • Adults that are accompanying their children are required to wear cloth masks;
  • The hunt will begin at 7:00 sharp. Latecomers will not be allowed to enter as the fence will go up to close off the event.


Trick-or-Treat Event:  Saturday  late afternoon throughout the campground

  • For guests distributing candy from a campsite
    • Please be sure to wear a cloth face mask, wash your hands and most importantly come up with some manner in which to be 6’ away from those coming by for candy.
      • This can be done by setting out prefilled candy bags on a table set 6’away ….. or be creative with some distant delivery system – you’ve seen the 6’pvc tube idea, that works and there are many other creative ways to deliver candy to someone 6’away from you.
    • For guests trick-or-treating from site to site, the main roads will be 2-way streets while the interior roads will be designated as one-ways in an effort to reduce cross-contact.
      • Please look for and respect the one way designations on the interior roadways
      • Everyone going from site to site should wear cloth face masks as it will be difficult to always maintain 6’ distance
      • You should only be accepting candy from a campsite where cloth face masks are being worn and distribution is 6’ distanced from the campsite guests.

Costume Contests: Saturday evening, Pavilion

  • For those entering the costume contests, we will require that you wear a cloth face mask to qualify to participate.
  • Age groups will be 0-7, 8-14, 15+ and Family (2 or more persons).
  • One age group at a time will stage at the end and then parade through the center of the pavilion from one end to the other, with only one pass through the pavilion.
    • While Participants must wear their face mask while staging, they may remove their mask to parade provided they maintain 6’ distance from all as they parade and they are not talking, coughing, singing etc.
    • Judges will not make any consideration for face make-up when judging so there is no advantage to de-mask.
  • For those watching, they will need to stay behind the lines and wear masks if they are not able to remain 6’ away from others.

Masquerade Ball:  Saturday evening, Pavilion

  • Picnic tables will be in place for family groups to sit at or stand beside and enjoy the music. The tables are set apart at a 6’ distance so please do not shift the tables.
  • We ask that all guests who wish to enjoy the masquerade ball wear cloth face masks. After all it is a masquerade ball.

As the Halloween weekends progress, we hope to learn and improve the way we are conducting these events.  As with all things though please understand that these events are subject to change or cancel over time as guidelines may adjust and change.