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January 20, 2024

Holiday Trav-l-Park Calendar of Events

It's that time of year again- well, it's almost always "that time of year" here at the campground. We have quite the year in store for you, with special events full of fun for everyone- whether you're a motorcyclist, a mother, a music-lover, all of the above, or anything in between! Check out our list of events here! They will also be posted on our web site at this page.


2024 is going to be another epic season here at our little campground. We hope that our extended camping family will take part and enjoy at least a couple of these great events! With that said…sometimes an occurrence, an anomaly, or even an over-riding event may happen beyond our control and we may have to re-schedule or cancel such events. Some examples of event enders could be another pandemic, the sun going super-nova, The Spice Girls getting back together, meteor heading towards the Earth (Bruce Willis where are you!), and even a massive black hole swallowing us up! Have no fear though!…. Anything like a zombie outbreak or a possible invader from space….We got your back on these! We look forward to being your camping location! Take care and thank you ahead of time for our awesome 2024 season!